Data Destruction Services

Your company’s data destruction is our top priority. We adhere to National Institute of Standards and Technology Guidelines for Media Sanitation NIST.SP.800-88r1 published by the US Department of Commerce. As technology changes rapidly, so do data destruction methods. We use industry-approved hardware and software to ensure complete compliance and the highest standards for media sanitation as well as a additional safeguards such as routine R2 auditing.

We offer several options for data destruction depending on the requirements of your company. These include:

• Data eradication using professional data sanitation software. Our software compiles an erasure report that includes hard drive manufacturer, model and serial number which in turn is used for audit compliance. Any device that cannot be successfully sanitized is physically shredded to ensure no data can be recovered.

• Physical Destruction by “punching” a hole through the outer core of the drive into the platters that hold data.

• Physical Destruction by shredding. This can be done on-site at your workplace with our mobile shredding truck, or in our warehouse.

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